About MIQH

"Beauty is power; a smile is its sword"

The Miss & Mrs. India Queen of Hearts is the national pride & treasure of India. The pageant holds an annual expo & is the most respectable title & award in India for aspiring single women & dignified married women.

Miss & Mrs India Queen of Hearts has 3 different categories -

1- MISS INDIA QUEEN OF HEARTS. ( age 18-45 years)
2- MRS. INDIA QUEEN OF HEARTS ( age 18- 45 years)

In these categories we intend to identify married Indian women & single aspiring Indian women who exemplify beauty, talent, intelligence & compassion. Our Indian women in their lifetime plays many crucial roles that make her indispensable. She as a mother goes beyond everything & being a wife is a husband's best friend, a protector , someone who he could count on to share his trials & help him to get over with all the hurdles of life. Indian women in the line of enterpreneurship think of business enterprises, operate then , undertake risks & handle economic uncertainities involved in it. Not just in business, Indian women are on top in the corporate world, politics & in sports as well.

MIQH(trademark) salutes the womanhood & strive to empower them in every walk of life. Mrs. India queen of hearts contestants are successful marriedamp; women who intend to be self confident, graceful, elegant, charismatic & honorable in the representation of India at home & around the world. All Mrs. India Queen of Hearts holders would be widely recognized as successful women in the country.

Why Choose Us-

Mrs. India Queen Of Hearts holds a yearly expo for Indian women who represent beauty, talent, intelligence & compassion. The Indian women in her lifetime assumes numerous significant parts that make her irreplaceable. MIQH aims to create & empower role models who will serve as ambassadors to charity, enrich the perceptions to beauty and spirit for the advancement of women while positively impacting their communities. This is a peagent that will provide married women with a platform where they would get an opportunity to make a difference to the world.

Registration open - 2k19